Lost in time and inner space... (serpentpixie) wrote in writers_support,
Lost in time and inner space...

Fics - A question of names and Memories of kisses and lullabies

Just a couple of fics I wrote in the last two days -- both of which I actually like and am therefore posting links to here :) I know I have posted Memories elsewhere, but, hey...!

Title of Fic: A Question of Names
Author: serpentpixie
Summary: Minerva waits impatiently on the edge of the lake for him to arrive. Tom/Minerva. Contains slight HBP references.
Main character(s): Tom/Minerva
Rating: PG13
Link to Fic: Here

Title of Fic: Memories of kisses and Lullabies
Author: serpentpixie
Summary: Afraid of sending her only son back to school for his sixth year, Narcissa visits her older sister, in the hope of receiving some advice. Narcissa/Bellatrix Femmeslash. Set during HBP so contains mention of those events.
Main character(s): Narcissa/Bellatrix
Rating: PG13
Link to Fic: Here
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