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Fic: Different shades of pink

Title of Fic: Different shades of pink
Author: JustAnnie or justams
Summary: Two people can be very alike, yet very different.
Main character(s): Pansy, Parvati (also mentions Lavender, Draco, Padma...)
Rating: G (I think)
No real spoilers I think.

I've been rereading this over and over again, and I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with it, so any advice would be very much appreciated. Or just any comment at all really.

Parvati Patil was standing in front of her, her face determined like she remembered from when they were children. Her eyes were looking into Pansy’s, waiting for her to make up her mind.
They had been friends once, it seemed so strange to think of at times, but they had. They had been more then just friends; practically sisters. Parvati and Padma’s mother even called Pansy the “third twin”. But while Parvati and Padma were twins as twins usually were, Parvati and Pansy were twins in every other way. They liked the same kind of robes, and often dressed in the same. Parvati even cut her beautiful hair so that it would be as short as Pansy’s. Padma thought that stunt was hilarious, but Pansy had a feeling she had been jealous.
It was Pansy and Parvati who borrowed their mother’s makeup, while Padma was reading or spending time with her dad (she was always his favourite). It was Pansy and Parvati the twin’s mother dressed up in the same clothes and took shopping, because Padma wasn’t interested in that.

Pansy had denied they were anything alike for almost four years. Pansy and Parvati had both realised very early on that being sorted into Slytherin and Gryffindor meant the end of their friendship, and Padma was loyal to her sister.
When the Yule Ball came around there was no denying it anymore though; despite being in different houses the two girls were still very much alike at some things. Pansy had realised that when they both showed up in pink dresses, even if they were different shades of pink. But then Parvati had always been the bolder of the two; shocking pink was just the colour she would wear to something like that. It had been even more obvious when Pansy met the twins in the girl’s bathroom, realising her and Parvati had the same Ever-Staying Sparkling lipstick (which should be called Never-Staying non-sparkling lipstick).
The worst part about admitting her and Parvati were alike, was having to admit she had a little Gryffindor in her. Sometimes she wondered why they weren’t put in the same house; why had she been put in Slytherin? Although her family was pureblood and respected, her parents had never really been in league with the Dark Lord. They had never joined him, and never really supported him either. Even if they weren’t too happy about Muggleborns being accepted to Hogwarts they really had nothing against them. Yet, Pansy had been put in Slytherin. Her best friends and her boyfriend had parents who were Death Eaters, or at least supported the Dark Lord and his visions. Pansy had quickly learned their way of thinking, although she had never managed to have the same hatred and dislike for muggle-borns (Hermione Granger being the exception).

Pansy and Parvati had both loved going on daring adventures (it seemed daring at the time at least), and always went further then the other kids around. Padma was only included when their “adventure” wasn’t something they knew they’d get in trouble for. She had been such a Ravenclaw even back then; always planning and thinking out the consequences before deciding if she would come or not. Pansy had been pretty good at tricking her into it, atleast up until Padma knew her too well to fall for her tricks.
Thinking about it, Pansy realised the difference between her and Parvati; Parvati was the first to do things. Pansy was usually the one with the idea and the real ambition to get it done, but Parvati was the one who did it. When they went to the Muggle side of the village it was always Pansy who wanted one of the delicious apples from old Mrs. Hartford’s garden, but Parvati was the one to go in and steal them. If they went ghost-hunting in the old abandoned house at the end of the village, Parvati was the first to enter every room, while Pansy tried to scare her. Padma never wanted to go ghost-hunting; she didn’t see the point as noone had ever really seen a ghost in that house.
When they were caught doing something they shouldn’t, Parvati usually confessed and took the blame; she had learned early on that her parents liked honesty, she only lied if she knew the truth was worse. Pansy would straight away jump into explaining how nothing was her fault, and she sometimes even put the blame on her friends.

Looking at Parvati now she knew they would never be bestfriends again. Even if Parvati was there asking for her help, asking her to fight on her side, she wasn’t doing it for their friendship. She was doing it because she knew Pansy could convince the other doubting Slytherins to come with her. Uniting the houses, like the Sorting Hat had been trying to make them do for a while now.
Parvati wanted to win. She wanted to fight for her friends, her family, her own future, the future of the world. She wanted to keep the good in the world, and was ready to give up a lot for it.
Pansy knew that this could be her last chance of regaining any kind of friendship with Parvati; she grudgingly and unwillingly had to admit that she missed the close friendship the two of them once had.
And Pansy wanted to fight to; it was the adventure in it that caught her interest. And any other choice besides fighting would be to run and hide. Like Draco and his mother had done. But Pansy had never been one to run away. Up until now it seemed given she would fight with the Death Eaters, but Parvati was giving her a choice. So when she finally met Parvati’s eyes, she knew what her answer was, she knew she was going into battle against the people who had been her friends the last few years, although she might be able to persuade some of them to the other side.

Different shades of pink maybe, but still pink.
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