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Inspired by the new book?

First of all I wonna say to people that please do not post spoilers! If you have anything to say about the Half-blood Prince, put it behind a cut, and with a spoiler warning.

So yeah... what I was wondering was if people were inspired by the latest Harry Potter book?
I was a little, but I also realised that several of my planned fics will not fit in at all. I was hoping I'd just have to chance some things, but I think I'll just have to come up with new ones.

I have been inspired to write a Ernie/Hannah fic though. But I need to reread the book before I start it. I'm gonna try to make it a bit angsty, because there aren't many angsy hufflepuff fics out there. Maybe there will be more now though, with Hannah's mother dying and Susan Bones losing her aunt. I know I'll try to write some. :D
And I've just started on a Colin/Luna fic... But I had already planned that one before this book, and nothing happened to ruin my idea, so yay!:D
I'm probably gonna be writing some Parvati fics... I have one that I started before this book, but I think I might be able to use the same idea if I only rewrite it a bit. And it will probably be Neville/Parvati. I'm still in love with that ship.

So what about the rest of you? Were you inspired? or maybe someone have any thoughts on what kind of fics we'll be seeing alot of?
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