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Writers and friends
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Welcome to writers_support, the community where people share any sort of problem with their writing, or just to find some other writers around. We want this community to be a place where writers can feel comfortable talking about their works without feeling critisized. writers_support will mainly focus on the HP fandom, but it is open to other fandoms as well.

If you're a writer, and looking for other writers to bounce ideas off of, this is the place to be!

--Co-mods inkflowers and justams

Standard, Common Sense Rules

* All writing containing mature material must be labelled as such.
* Writing should be placed underneath an lj cut for easy access.
* Any offensive comments are not welcomed and thus deleted.
* If you would like to share your writing, please use this format:

Title of Fic:
Main character(s):
Link to Fic/lj-cut:

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