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Mods, if I'm barking up the wrong tree, just delete.

I've got a problem regarding dialogue punctuation (which myself and three betas have all missed whilst tearing apart my work). What do you do when you need (or just want) to split two sentences with a dialogue tag, but they aren't different enough to warrant a new paragraph?

As a basic primer, I realise that tags are to be treated as part of the sentence, hence:
RIGHT: "You're famous," she said.
WRONG: "You're famous." She said.

And I know that tags in the middle of dialogue are the same way,
Example: "You're," she gasped, pausing for breath, "famous."

But what should I do with two sentences that I put a dialogue tag between? Say I had:
"You've never been in love," she shrugged. "Money equals pain equals love."

These are two seperate sentences, yet the speaker hasn't changed - nor has the ruling thought - so what do I do?

Please help!
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